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resource that can regenerate quickly and that is replaceable
a) renewable resource
b) non renewable resource
c) sustainable resource
d) none of the answers

using natural resources at a rate that does not deplete them
a) sustainable development
b) renewable development
c) nonrenewable development
d) none of the answers

destruction of forests
a) deforestation
b) forestation
c) nonforestication
d) unforestication

mixture of chemicals that occurs as a gray-brown haze in the atmosphere
a) smog
b) fog
c) dirty air
d) none of the answers

harmful material that can enter the biosphere through the land, air, or water
a) pollutant
b) acid rain
c) chemical
d) toxin

plants and animals that have migrated to places where they are not native
a) invasive species
b) nonnative species
c) nonnatural species
d) none of the answers

the sum total of the variety of organisms in the biosphere
a) biodiversity
b) diversity
c) ecodiversity
d) ecobiodiversity

increasing concentration of a harmful substance in organisms at higher trophic levels in a food chain or food web
a) biological magnification
b) biologocal splitation
c) biological diversity
d) biological comensation

splitting of ecosystems into small fragments
a) habitat fragmentation
b) deforestation
c) habitat splitation
d) habitat magnification

atmospheric layer in which 03 gas is relatively concentrated
a) Ozone
b) stratophere
c) greenhouse layer
d) none of the answers

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