Latin Ameica Question Preview (ID: 40756)

6th Grade Social Studies Georgia.

Where do most Brazillians live in their country?
a) in the interior
b) along the Amazon river
c) in the Amazon Rain Forest
d) along the easttern, coastal area

What is a problem for the farmers in Mexico?
a) The soil is not very productive
b) Many ares have too much rainfall
c) There is not enough sunlight to grow crops
d) There are few businesses that sell farm equipment

What country has about 3/4 of the trade with Mexico?
a) Brazil
b) Venezuela
c) Colombia
d) USA

Why does deforestation increase when the value of crops and cattle go up?
a) The value of timber goes up
b) Laws to protect the rain forest are not enforced
c) Environmental groups work witht he government only when prices are down
d) People think they can make more profit selling cattle and crops

The world gets about 20% of which resource from the Amazon Rain Forest?
a) rubber
b) oxygen
c) soybeans
d) medicine

How does geography play a role in Mexico City's air pollution problem?
a) It is one of the world's largest cities
b) The city has views of distant snow capped mountains
c) It lies in a bowl shaped valley that traps air pollutants
d) The cars and factories send pollution such as lead, sulfur and carbon monoxide into the air

Why is the Panama Canal Important?
a) It's a place for the people of Panama to go to the beach
b) It helps the citizens of Latin America to have a place to fish for food
c) It allows ships to allow ships to travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
d) It keeps the water flowing into the Amazon Rain Forest

What is the large body of water on the west side of Mexico?
a) Atlantic Ocean
b) Pacific Ocean
c) Gulf of Mexico
d) Caribbean Sea

Why does Brazil have a fast-growing tourism industry?
a) Most Brazilians live in urban areas and need jobs
b) Most Brazilians live within 200 miles of the coast
c) Brazil has many cities scattered across the country that tourists enjoy visiting
d) Brazil has many natural wonders that cannot be found anywhere else int eh world

Which country supported Cuba until 1991?
a) Canada
b) Venezuela
c) Soviet union
d) USA

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