Geography Of East Asia Question Preview (ID: 40755)

This Test Covers The Geography Of East Asia.

How can water pollution have an effect on the economy of countries in East Asia?
a) Industries are not able to get their goods to markets because the rivers are clogged with pollution.
b) Governments can't afford to regulate pollution along the rivers which leads to industries having to shutdown.
c) The workforce is reduced because people are constantly sick from eating fish from the contaminated waters.
d) There aren't enough factories to support East Asia's growing populations.

Farmers cause pollution along the Yangtze River in China by
a) using pesticides and fertilizers.
b) dumping animal wastes from their farms into nearby streams.
c) burning coal to heat their homes.
d) draining the wetlands for additional farm land.

What areas of East Asia have lower populations due to limited access to arable land and water resources?
a) rivers and valleys
b) mountains and deserts
c) coasts and plains
d) delta and loess

A fine-grained chalky soil; usually yellowish brown in color found along rivers like the Huang He in China
a) fertile
b) delta
c) plains
d) loess

Most people in East Asia work in __________________.
a) manufacturing
b) mining
c) agriculture
d) banking

What is the most crowded urban area in the world?
a) Beijing
b) Tokyo
c) New York
d) Mexico CIty

About 1/3 of the world's population lives in these two countries
a) Japan and Indonesia
b) North Korea and South Korea
c) Vietnam and China
d) India and China

Most of China's major cities are located along
a) mountains
b) rivers
c) plains
d) valleys

Eighty percent of Japan's landscape is ______________ leaving it very few natural resources.
a) Japan
b) China
c) North Korea
d) Indonesia

Land that is suitable for farming is considered to be ____________.
a) arable
b) barren
c) lowlands
d) plains

In what region do China's three rivers begin?
a) northern along the Gobi Desert
b) southern along the South China Sea
c) eastern along the Plateau of TIbet
d) western in the Taklamakan Desert

What area of China is known as the roof of the world for it's extremely high elevation?
a) Gobi Desert
b) Tian Shan Mountains
c) Plateau of TIbet
d) Mt. Fuji

Indonesia’s many thousands of islands make up a group or chain of islands known as a/an ___________________________.
a) plains
b) archipelago
c) peninsula
d) loess

Seasonal winds that bring great amounts of rain
a) typhoons
b) pollution
c) arable
d) monsoons

Flooding occurs along China's Yangtze River. Identify which of the following is not a cause of that flooding
a) monsoons
b) draining wetlands
c) overpopulation
d) deforestation

What are the two main reasons that China constructed the Three Gorges Dam?
a) a status symbol for China and provides jobs for China's people
b) control flooding and provide a new source of power
c) control population growth and help China's economic growth

Much of the energy is China is provided by
a) burning coal
b) hydroelectricity
c) nuclear power
d) solar power

Air pollution in China has created this problem for farmers which affects their ability to grow the needed crops.
a) drought
b) climate change
c) flooding
d) acid rain

The tallest mountain and active volcano in Japan
a) Mt. Fuji
b) Mt. Madoriyama
c) Mt. Everest
d) Mt. St. Helens

An area of volcanic and earthquake activity along the borders of the Pacific Ocean is known as ________________________________.
a) Plateau of Tibet
b) Gangotri Plain
c) Ring of Fire
d) Pacific Plate Boundary

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