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A body of air with the same temperature and pressure throughout is called
a) air mass
b) front
c) air pressure
d) tornado

Which weather condition would be the most humid
a) overcast day in the mountains
b) summer day at the beach
c) hot day in the desert
d) cold day on the river

Which layer of the atmosphere would have the least amount of air pressure
a) thermosphere
b) troposphere
c) stratosphere
d) mesosphere

On a clear, bright day with no precipitation you may see this type of cloud
a) nimbostratus
b) stratus
c) cumulus
d) nimbus

When a cold air mass moves under a warm area of land
a) cold front
b) warm front
c) stationary front
d) motion front

Scientist who studies the weather
a) paleontologist
b) meteorologist
c) anthropologist
d) biologist

Which of the following gases causes rising temperatures in the atmosphere
a) nitrogen
b) oxygen
c) argon
d) carbon dioxide

The average weather pattern of an area over a long period of time is called
a) climate
b) weather
c) temperature
d) arid

When water vapor turns into a liquid
a) evaporation
b) transpiration
c) condensation
d) precipitation

short term atmospheric conditions
a) weather
b) climate
c) water cycle
d) hydrosphere

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