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Which of the following is an example of a sans serif typeface?
a) Calibri
b) Times New Roman
c) Brush Script STD
d) Century

The properties of color include
a) Frequency, Hue Value
b) Frequency, Intensity/Saturation, Value
c) Hue Value Saturation
d) None of the above

Specific backgrounds, common design elements, consistent type faces, compatible colors, and easily accessible buttons are all part of a well designed:
a) Script
b) Tool book
c) Flow chart
d) Interface design

Which process smooths the edges of shapes, such as letters on a computer screen
a) Anti-aliasing
b) Spooling
c) Framing
d) Masking

Which bit depth allows for a 256 color palette?
a) 48 bit color
b) 24 bit color
c) 16 bit color
d) 8 bit color

Evaluation that is completed throughout the project is called
a) formative
b) summative
c) alpha testing
d) beta testing

Elements of text are used in a multimedia project for
a) Headlines/Titles
b) Text body
c) Footnotes
d) All of the above

Computers display color data using three numbers to internally represent which color properties?
a) HTP (Hue, Tone, Pixel)
b) RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
c) HVS (Hue, Value, Saturation)
d) PAL (Pixel, Algorithmic, Luminance)

Contrasting colors such as blue background with yellow text are used to create;
a) Emphasis
b) Balance
c) Texture
d) Unity

Focal Point is
a) The first thing you see on the screen
b) pattern
c) color scheme of the project

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