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Multitasking refers to:
a) The style of operating system used by the computer
b) Multiple applications running simultaneously
c) Converting a file from one format to another
d) Using more than one input device to enter data into a computer

As scanned image is
a) Bitmap based
b) Vector based
c) Art based
d) Camera based

When should the save as command be used?
a) When making a few changes to a document and wanting to save both the revised and the original docume
b) When you save the file to the same location
c) The Save As command should always be used when saving files
d) Do not use the save as command

In which program type would keyframes be most commonly used?
a) Illustration
b) Animation
c) Photo manipulation
d) Word Processing

Interactive training that is delivered via the WWW is known as?
a) WBT
b) Video Tap
c) Closed Broadcast TV
d) CBT

Which type of media is the most cost effective to deliver commercial interactive multimedia?
a) Video Tape
c) Floppy Disk
d) Zip Disks

In an authoring tool user driven event is best described as:
a) Sampling video
b) A process to compress graphic files.
c) Capturing video
d) What happens when an person initiates an action

Image-editing programs such as Photoshop and fireworks can create:
a) High resolution images
b) Bitmap images
c) GIF and JPG files
d) All of the Above

The clipboard refers to
a) A palette in a bitmap program
b) A special method for attaching files to email
c) A special memory area used to store temporary files
d) Desktop shortcut

Interactive training that is delivered via a cd-rom is known as
a) WBT
b) CBT
c) SAT
d) WWW

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