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8 bit color
a) 256 colors
b) 2 colors
c) 16,777,216 colors
d) 65,536 colors

a) 24 bit color -true colors
b) 8 bit color
c) 32 bit color
d) 16 bit color

In audio you can use
a) 10% or 30 seconds whichever is less
b) 10% or 30 seconds which ever is more
c) 20% or 3 minutes which ever is less
d) 20% or 3 minutes which ever is more

In Motion Media video you can use
a) 10% or 3 minutes which ever is less
b) 10% or 3 minutes which ever is less
c) 15% or 4 minutes which ever is less
d) 15% or 4 minutes which ever is less

How many images from a collection can you use for fair use (educational purposes)
a) 5
b) 3
c) 1
d) none

a) Dithering scatters different colored pixels in an image to make it appear as though there are intermediate colors in images
b) Which process smooths the edges of shapes, such as letters on a computer screen
c) When you get to 100 parts of a color it changes to Alphanumeric or ABC

Music on the Internet
a) Could be illegal to use in you multimedia project
b) Is very hard to find
c) Violates the Telecommunication Act of 1997
d) Is copyright free because it is on the internet

For educational multimedia projects, students may use copyrighted material when
a) Written permission has been obtained
b) if they can download it
c) When it is accessible on a website
d) When media is public domain

When should permission be obtained for copyrighted materials
a) You do not have to obtain permission if you are a student.
b) Half-way through the project.
c) Before you begin the project or as soon as possible
d) After you have finished the project

Vector Graphics
a) Shapes defined mathematically by a series of lines and curves.
b) defined by pixels and a grid
c) Can not be scaled
d) are for photorealistic images

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