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Dad counted 365 logs on the first truck and 199 on the second truck. How many logs in all?
a) 564 logs
b) 464 logs
c) 389 logs
d) 256 logs

The family traveled 344 miles one week and 277 miles the second week. How many miles did they travel in all?
a) 621 miles
b) 521 miles
c) 721 miles
d) 421 miles

The mailman sorted 656 pieces of mail on Monday and 549 pieces on Tuesday. How many more pieces of mail were there on Monday?
a) 107 pieces
b) 117 pieces
c) 201 pieces
d) 117 pieces

On Firday 509 people were at the ballgame and 217 people were there on Saturday. How many people were there in all?
a) 726 people
b) 716 people
c) 627 people
d) 829 people

Grandpa had 459 nails in a bucket. He used 257 nails to build a doghouse. How many nails are left?
a) 202 nails
b) 212 nails
c) 192 nails
d) 211 nails

There were 129 airplanes at the St. Louis Airport and 249 airplanes at the Kansas City Airport. How many more planes were there in Kansas City?
a) 120 planes
b) 220 planes
c) 119 planes
d) 136 planes

The famrer had 265 bushels of corn. He sold 139 bushels of corn. How many bushels of corn does he have left?
a) 126 bushels
b) 226 bushels
c) 136 bushels
d) 145 bushels

Tom watched 146 minutes of TV on Saturday and 147 minutes on Sunday. How many minutes of TV did he watch in all?
a) 293 minutes
b) 193 minutes
c) 283 minutes
d) 177 minutes

Mr. Brown traveled 567 miles on Monday and 147 miles on Tuesday. How many more miles did he travel on Monday?
a) 170 miles
b) 270 miles
c) 130 miles
d) 215 miles

The football star signed 129 autographs in the morning and 213 in the afternoon. How many autographs did he sign in all?
a) 342 autographs
b) 252 autographs
c) 332 autographs
d) 500 autographs

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