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Computer memory used by software to temporarily store data is?
a) Rem
b) CPU
c) Ram
d) Rom

A typical CD-R disc can hold approximately how much data?
a) 650 GB
b) 4.7 GB
c) 700 MB
d) 200 MB

Which of the following is the fastest method to transfer large files such as video and audio from a peripheral to the computer?
a) IEEE 1394 Firewire
b) Serial
c) Ftp
d) Parallel

Which of the following is not an example of an input device?
a) Printer
b) Scanner
c) Microphone
d) Keyboard

Files are measured in bytes. Approximately how many bytes does one kilobyte file contain?
a) 1,000,000
b) 1,000
c) 8,000
d) 8,000,000

What should the first step be to obtain help while using a software package?
a) Google
b) Wikipedia
c) Your Friend
d) F1 Help Menu

Media does not refer to...
a) Audio
b) Graphics
c) Video
d) Platform

What is the function of an authoring tool in designing multimedia projects?
a) Framework for assembling text graphics video animation and sound into a single interactive project
b) Designing tool for storyboarding
c) Tool used mainly for the final marketing of a multimedia project
d) Tool used to edit graphics and animation

Interactive training that is delivered via CD ROM is known as:
a) WBT
b) CBT
c) Video tape
d) Closed broadcast TV

To convert a file from one type of file to another you can...
a) Use a file conversion program
b) Open the file and change the file type using the file
c) Rename the file with a new extension
d) Both A and B

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