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Drawing an imaginary vertical axis through the center of your screen and arranging identical elements so they are equally distributed on either side of the axis is an example of:
a) Symmetrical balance
b) pattern
c) Asymmetrical balance
d) Balance

What color scheme uses colors on opposite sides of the color wheel?
a) Triadic
b) Tetradic
c) Complimentary
d) Monochomatic

Blue and green are examples of:
a) Cool colors
b) Warm colors
c) Reflective colors
d) Neutral

The colors yellow and violet would be known as:
a) Monocromatic
b) warm color
c) Warm
d) Complimentary

Examples of _____ colors are: orange and red.
a) Neutral
b) grey scale
c) Cool
d) Warm

Which best describes the value of a color?
a) Using the numeric value #003366, #556678, etc
b) pure color
c) The description of the lightness or darkness of a color - light pink, dark blue, etc
d) Adding a better description- hot pink, shocking orange, etc

The purpose of the color palette for a bitmapped file is:
a) Make sure you use the correct colors
b) to create the mathmatical formula
c) To provide additional color options
d) Provide a color map to use for recreating the image correctly

What are the two sections of a bitmapped file
a) Pixel data, color palette
b) bitmapped files do not have two sections
c) Color mixer, pixel data
d) Pixel data, color mixer

Which color model is commonly used to internally represent color images on computers?
c) PAL
d) RGB

In CMYK the K
a) Yellow
b) Cyan
c) Magenta
d) Black

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