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_____ colors can reflect moods of: serenity and calmness
a) Cool
b) Warm
c) Neutral
d) Non-reflective

Which best describes the hue of a color?
a) Description words: lime, citrus, mango, etc.
b) Its location on the color wheel
c) The description or name of the color: red, yellow, etc.

What color scheme uses three to four colors next to each other on the color wheel?
a) Triadic
b) Analogous
c) Complimentary

Intensity of a color refers to...
a) Hue
b) Intensity
c) Saturation
d) Tone

A balanced arrangement of unequally weighted elements on the screen is an example of:
a) Symmetrical Balance
b) Asymmetrical balance
c) Balance

_____ colors reflect the emotions of: Excitement, passion, and liveliness
a) Neutral Colors
b) Cool Colors
c) Warm Colors
d) Reflective Colors

The process of mixing color pixels with available colors to simulate a missing color is called?
a) Mixing
b) Dithering
c) Replacing

What color scheme uses three colors evenly spaced on the color wheel?
a) Analogous
b) Triadic
c) Monocrhomatic

Crystallographic balance or allover pattern is:
a) Even distribution of visual weight
b) Confuses the eye
c) Uneven distribution of visual weight

When a color scheme involves the high and low values of one color it is known as:
a) Monocrhomatic
b) Complimentary
c) Analogous

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