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A Japanese pilot who carried out suicide missions
a) Kamikaze
b) Scapegoat
c) Nazi
d) Fascist

Person or group blamed for a problem
a) Nazi
b) Scapegoat
c) Isolationist
d) Nazi

Member of National Socialist German Worker's Party
a) Isolationist
b) Democratic Leader
c) Fascist
d) Nazi

The Nuremberg Laws were an example of
a) Concentration Camps
b) Aggression
c) Nazi racism
d) Lightning war

The Munich Conference led to what policy that did not work
a) Appeasement
b) Island Hopping
c) Drafting soldiers
d) Fascism

The Cash and Carry plan was a plan by the U.S. that
a) maintained total isolationism
b) helped raise war funds
c) allowed the U.S. to assist Great Britain and France without directly fighting the war
d) protected American Pacific bases

The main goal of the Atlantic Charter was?
a) to assist the allies
b) to plan operation overload
c) to figure out who would get what territory after the war
d) to outline plans for post-war Europe

Practice of giving in to aggression in order to avoid war
a) Appeasement
b) Compensation
c) Rationing
d) Scapegoat

Who won World War II?
a) Axis Powers
b) Allied Powers
c) Switzerland
d) Webster

What group of people had a Double V campaign?
a) African Americans
b) Japanese Americans
c) Mexican Americans
d) Women in American

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