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A fault is...
a) point inside earth where earthquake occurs
b) a fracture in earth where movement has occurred
c) a point directly above earthquake focus
d) a fracture in earth where no movement has occurred

A wave of energy that passes through the earth...
a) sound wave
b) earthquake
c) seismic wave
d) Sun

The point that is above focus of earthquake
a) fault
b) margin
c) epicenter
d) richter scale

The scale we measure earthquakes
a) Mercalli Scale
b) Interval Scale
c) Richter
d) Ratio

What boundaries have plates slip past each other ?
a) Transform
b) convergent
c) divergent

What is it called when plates move away from each other?
a) Convergence
b) divergence
c) transvergence

Convergent plate movement is when:
a) plates move away
b) plates move together and collide
c) plates slide past each other in same directions
d) plates slide past each other in opposite direction

What causes an earthquake?
a) a tsunami
b) large amounts of earth added
c) molten rocks
d) build up and release of energy when plates shift

When tectonic plates slide past each other, this may cause a(n) to occur.
a) earthquakes
b) Tornado
c) mountain
d) volcano

Most earthquakes occur
a) in mountains
b) along rivers
c) at plate boundaries
d) in middle of tectonic plates

Things we must consider when making earthquake proof buildings.
a) fortify and strengthen supports
b) what type of ground we are building on
c) base stabilization and energy displacement
d) all of the above

Where would an earthquake most likely happen in the USA?
a) California
b) New York
c) Florida
d) None of above

Complete the statement.. Earthquakes
a) are very rare
b) never happen beneath the ocean
c) happen everyday and there are many every year
d) only happen in Alaska and California

Most earthquakes don't cause any damage
a) True
b) False

It is hard to track where earthquakes happen in the world.
a) True
b) False

What causes most injuries in earthquakes
a) things falling on people
b) deep cracks in the earth
c) the foreshocks
d) when you are far from epicenter

How is energy released in an earthquake
a) like one giant explosion
b) in waves two types almost like thunder and lightning
c) just one quick instant

We can predict earthquakes but can not tell where they are
a) True
b) false

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