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What should you do if your Promethean bulb dies?
a) Put in a trouble ticket to have it replaced.
b) Panic and start beating students.
c) Take the projector apart and verify the problem.
d) Toss it out the window

Who is the coolest TRT
a) Chris Clarke
b) Margaret Huckaby
c) Jason Robey
d) Tina Turner

In Grade Quick does every student need a grade?
a) No
b) Yes...I can get transfer grades from guidance or the other Heritage teacher the student had.
c) No students need grades...grades are bad
d) Depends how I feel.

Where can you find excellent technology resources?
a) They don't exist
b) On the school home page under teacher quick links...or the G Drive under tech resources.
c) Broad Run's website
d) Just ask Justin Martin

In Grade Quick, can you have grades over 100 for quarter sends?
a) No, that causes problems when importing into Starbase.
b) Yes!
c) What are grades?
d) I thought all grades should be over 100.

Should every class grade book have an exam column for semester 2?
a) Yes..I just enter X X for exempt students.
b) No...waste of my time.
c) No...exams are for suckers
d) What is a grade book?

Which classroom tool has the most interactive potential for students?
a) Overhead Projector and Vis-a-Vis
b) Chalkboard
c) Deskjet Printer
d) Promethean Board with Interactive Lessons

Is it important to follow the Grade Send Timeline?
a) Not really...they just threw darts at a calendar to pick dates.
b) Yes, it really helps them out and allows us to double check our work with the resend option.
c) I never knew we could send in our grades.
d) What is a Timeline?

Should I save all of my files from my
a) Yes, they will erase the servers and it is always a good practice to 'back-up' my files.
b) No, I bet they really won't erase the servers...even though they did last year.
c) What are files? I have a paper file cabinent!
d) No, I hate busy work.

What should the weight of each 'Subtotal' column in Grade Quick be?
a) 100
b) 200
c) 300
d) I have never thought to check this before.

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