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The slave trade became very important to the Europeans because:
a) They needed slaves to work on the plantations in Europe
b) They needed slaves to work in the factories of Europe.
c) Fortunes could be made by using the slaves on the sugar plantations of the West Indies and cotton pl
d) All answers are correct

As people move to cities the importance of the tribe is expected to:
a) Increase
b) Decrease
c) Stay the same
d) change all the time

By 1914, most of Africa was controlled by:
a) Germany and Holland
b) America and Portugal
c) Great Britain
d) Belgium

Some natural resources and essential materials imported from African countries include:
a) Natural gas and petroleum
b) Cola nuts, coffee, and coconut oils
c) All answers are correct
d) Rubber and uranium

The children of marriages considered neither black or white became known as:
a) Coloreds
b) Blacks
c) Boers
d) Mulatto

The Sahara Desert has acted as a barrier between:
a) Northern and Southern Africa
b) Eastern and Western Africa
c) European and Asian countries
d) Northern and Southern hemispheres

There are over this many languages spoken in Africa:
a) 1,000
b) 10,000
c) 100
d) 10

Over Вѕ of the working population of Africa are:
a) Warriors
b) Journalists
c) Farmers
d) Servants

Imperialism in Africa brought some improvements to some aspects of society such as:
a) education
b) hospitals
c) All of the answers are correct
d) transportation

This is the nick name for Africa during imperialism:
a) The Dark Continent
b) The Shaded Land
c) God's Gift
d) The Covered Continent

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