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The slave trade was finally ended when:
a) The United Nations demanded an end to the slave trade
b) Gandhi forced a world wide change
c) Nelson Mandela requested a global change
d) Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation

Why might African leaders have so much difficulty in uniting their people?
a) Language
b) Many are loyal first to their tribes
c) Distance
d) Weather

Which statement best explains apartheid in action:
a) White majority in numbers, majority in power
b) Black majority in numbers, majority in power
c) White majority in numbers, black majority in power
d) White minority in numbers, majority in power

What language was spoken by the Dutch in South Africa?
a) Boers
b) Swahili
c) Afrikaans
d) Dutch

The main reason Europeans wanted to colonize Africa was:
a) Globalization
b) To obtain land and raw materials
c) Human trafficing
d) Beach resort opportunities

Africa’s longest river is the:
a) Nile River
b) Niger River
c) Congo River
d) Ganges River

The movement northward in 1835 by the Boer community was referred to as the:
a) Long March
b) Great Trek
c) Trail of Tears
d) Intifada

Why were slaves taken to America?
a) Americans needed a large supply of inexpensive labor on plantations
b) Ease of transportation
c) It was the land of opportunity
d) Religious persecution

Most Africans follow:
a) Hinduism
b) Shintoism
c) Tribal religions and Islam or Christianity
d) Jainism

How has the history of African people been told?
a) Pyramid etchings
b) Since many people can not read and write, it is told orally
c) Local newspapers
d) The internet

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