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One characteristic of an ineffective group member is?
a) They seek out differences of opinion.
b) Give in to the opinion of group members just to avoid conflict.
c) Do not change their mind quickly just to avoid conflict.
d) Help keep the group focused on the goal.

What is consensus?
a) When group members support no one.
b) When group members give up.
c) When the government counts the population.
d) None of the above.

One strategy for constructively expressing how you feel toward others in conflict is to use which formula?
a) Baby formula.
b) Count to 10 formula.
c) 1+2=3 formula.
d) x-y-z formula.

How many conflict-management styles are there?
a) 3.
b) 5.
c) 7.
d) 9.

Kilmann and Thomas suggest that your conflict-management style is based on what factor(s)?
a) How concerned you are for other people and how concerned you are for yourself.
b) How concerned others are about themselves.
c) How concerned others are about you.
d) None of the above.

A good way to deal with pseudo-conflict is to employ:
a) Active listening.
b) Active Communication.
c) Visualizations.
d) Someone to do it for you.

Ego conflict occurs when?
a) When people become offensive because they think they are being personally attacked.
b) When people become angry if you don't compliment them.
c) When people become defensive because they know they are right.
d) When people become defensive because they think they are being personally attacked.

When two people's goals or ideas are mutually exclusive or incompatible.
a) Incompatibleness
b) Pseudo-conflict
c) Simple conflict
d) Ego conflict

Pseudo-Conflict is?
a) When individuals agree, but they believe that they disagree.
b) When individuals disagree, but believe they agree.
c) When individuals are neutral.
d) Bruce Lee's last movie.

Conflict is made up of four elements, one of them is:
a) Expressed Anger
b) Expressed Struggle
c) Holding Hands
d) Inner Struggle

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