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Mr. Pignati enjoyed visiting the zoo because he
a) was interested in zoology.
b) enjoyed getting away from his wife.
c) thought of animals as his friends.
d) liked to talk to other people there.

Lorraine blames John's beer drinking on
a) Norton Kelly.
b) the gang John runs around with.
c) John's paranoia.
d) John's father's example when John was younger.

John and Lorraine decided to write the memorial epic about Mr. Pignati because
a) some strange things happened in the past few months.
b) they were commissioned by a book publisher.
c) Mr. Pignati left them money to write a book.
d) their English teacher gave them an assignment.

Why did the police not press charges against John and Lorraine?
a) They were minors.
b) It was Norton's fault.
c) Mr. Pignati did not press charges.
d) John and Lorraine's parents would pay for the damage.

Where did Dennis get the bottle of whiskey he brought to the party?
a) He stole it from his dad.
b) He stole it from the store.
c) He bought it.
d) He borrowed it.

Why did Lorraine think she and John murdered Mr. Pignati?
a) She thinks that they caused his death because they put him under stress.
b) She thinks they poisoned him.
c) She thinks they wore him out.
d) She thinks they strangled him.

John and Lorraine look at the Pigman as
a) a best friend.
b) a parental figure.
c) a big brother.
d) a man that buys them things.

When Mr. Pignati returns to his house from the hospital, a word that would best describe the scene is
a) chaotic.
b) tragic.
c) fun.
d) serious.

Which of the following would NOT be considered a factor that contributed to Mr. Pignati's death?
a) the party
b) his heart attack
c) Bobo's death
d) his lies about Conchetta

John and Lorraine call this story a
a) tragic comedy.
b) memorial epic.
c) memorial tragedy.
d) comedic memorial.

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