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One thing that John and Lorraine liked best about The Pigman was
a) he never called them jazzy, hip, or cool.
b) he played a good poker game.
c) he always offered them beer.
d) he had lots of money.

How does Lorraine feel about Miss Reillen?
a) She can't stand her.
b) She tries to ignore her.
c) She thinks she is a good librarian.
d) She feels sorry for her.

Lorraine's mother says which of the following about Lorraine?
a) You're putting on too much weight.
b) You wear your clothes funny.
c) Your hair would be better cut short bcause it is too kinky.
d) All of the above.

The shopping trip to Beekman’s was special to Lorraine because
a) she met a boyfriend there.
b) she picked out a new wardrobe.
c) Mr. Pignati bought her things that she liked, not needed.
d) Mr. Pignati introduced her to a manager, who offered her a job

When Mr. Pignati arrived at the door during the party, he showed his reaction by
a) shouting at the kids to get out.
b) turning red in the face.
c) looking down at John but not smiling.
d) all of the above.

When he was a freshman in school, John expressed his opinion of school by
a) writing letters to the school editor.
b) setting off bombs in the bathroom.
c) staying after school every night.
d) skipping school every Wednesday.

John places the blame for the glue on the phone lock on
a) Kenneth.
b) Aunt Ahra.
c) Lorraine.
d) Dennis.

Many factors cause John and Lorraine’s party to get out of control. What was the final factor?
a) Lorraine's rollerskating.
b) Norton Kelly showed up.
c) Jack Brahm demanded to see Janice Dickery.
d) Helen popping out of Conchetta's dress.

How does John’s father react when John says he wants to be an actor?
a) He thinks John is a lunatic.
b) He encourages him.
c) He promises to send John to acting school.
d) He hits John.

John showed leadership qualities by organizing
a) the Colossal Fruit Roll.
b) a protest in the cafeteria.
c) a volleyball team.
d) a collection of rotten fruit into crates in the cafeteria

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