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The two narrators of The Pigman are
a) John and the Pigman.
b) Lorraine and Norton.
c) Conchetta and Bobo.
d) John and Lorraine.

During the roller skating tag game, Mr. Pignati
a) sprained his ankle.
b) did fancy tricks.
c) did a skater's waltz.
d) had a heart attack.

The idea of having a party at Mr. Pignati's house was
a) John's.
b) Lorraine's.
c) Mr. Pignati's.
d) all of theirs.

The evening of John and Lorraine’s candlelight spaghetti dinner changed
a) John’s attitude towards his father.
b) Lorraine’s feelings about her mother.
c) John’s attitude towards Lorraine.
d) John's attitude towards Mr. Pignati.

Mr. Pignati died
a) at the party.
b) of pneumonia at the hospital.
c) at the zoo.
d) when he admitted that his wife was dead.

Norton was called the Marshmallow kid because
a) he always had marshmallows.
b) his father worked for a marshmallow company.
c) he was fat like a marshmallow.
d) he got caught stealing marshmallows.

John and Lorraine meet the Pigman by
a) picking up a contribution for the L&J fund.
b) doing yard work for him.
c) being introduced by Norton.
d) meeting his wife.

Lorraine felt sorry for Mr. Pignati because
a) he yelled at her.
b) he tried to sell her a subscription.
c) he sounded like a lonely old man.
d) he fell for her prank.

The object of the phone marathon was to
a) get money for school.
b) set up an emergency phone system.
c) keep a stranger talking as long as possible.
d) raise money for fake charities.

John's father put a lock on the phone because
a) he wanted to monitor all of John's calls.
b) John was on the phone for over an hour and a half.
c) the telephone company required a lock.
d) John lied.

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