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The ability for nations to develop economically while protecting the environment is:
a) Sustainable development
b) Monetary policy
c) Cloture
d) Economic independence

This is NOT a function of the state constitution:
a) Describe qualifications for certain offices
b) Outline a plan for the state government
c) Appoint officials
d) Discuss term limits (if any) for state offices

The federal government's financial instruments (like bonds, notes, certificates):
a) Progressive taxes
b) Regressive taxes
c) Fiscal responsibility
d) Securities

This is part of the state constitution amendment process:
a) Having the national Congress pass the law
b) Having the President sign the law
c) Proposal and ratification
d) Having the Chief Justice sign the law

Risk takers who produce goods and services in search of profit:
a) Entrepreneurs
b) Pirates
c) Thieves
d) Legislatures

This is the goal of the US justice system:
a) To imprison as many people as possible
b) To imprison the least amount of people as possible
c) Equal justice under the law
d) Develop different types of courts

Controlling money to influence the economy:
a) Monetary policy
b) Fiscal policy
c) Tax and spend

This exists because society does not have all the resources everyone wants:
a) Fear
b) Scarcity
c) Long lines at the supermarket
d) Imperialism

As a citizen, you have access to public records because of this act:
a) Sunset laws
b) Patriot Act
c) No Child Left Behind Act
d) Freedom of Information Act

An economic system with a central authority:
a) Command system
b) Market economy
c) Mixed economy
d) Traditional economy

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