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What were the major U.S. foreigh-policy strategies after World War II?
a) The U.S. offered economic aid to countries that needed help.
b) The U.S. offered economic aid to help countries fight communism.
c) The U.S. decided to spread democracy to all foreign countries.
d) All of the above

What was the purpose of the Marshall Plan?
a) To benefit the U.S. economy
b) To give "friendly aid" to help European countries rebuild
c) To keep the Communists from gaining control of Western Europe
d) All of the above

What was the result of the Marshall Plan?
a) The division between the Soviet Union and the United States widened.
b) The Communists took over all of Western Europe.
c) The Soviet Union prevented France from accepting United States aid.
d) All of the above

Describe the Berlin Airlift. Give at least 3 details about it.
a) The Soviet Union blocked all highway and railway traffic into Berlin.
b) In June 1948 the U.S. and Britain flew food and supplies into the city.
c) May 12, 1949 the Soviet Union lifted its blockade. Germany became 2 nations that year.
d) All of the above

Describe NATO. Give at least 3 details about it.
a) The U.S., Canada, Iceland, and 9 Western European nations formed a military alliance.
b) The North Atlantic Treaty Organization members all pledged to defend each other.
c) Some worried that NATO might require U.S. to go to war without congressional approval.
d) All of the above

What events led China to become a communist nation?
a) The fall of China's monarchy in 1912.
b) The civil war between the Chinese Nationalist Party and the Communist Party.
c) The corruptness of the Nationalist Party.
d) All of the above

Why was the United States involved in Korea?
a) They killed the Korean emporor and took over.
b) They decided they liked Korean food, and wanted more of it.
c) They divided control of the country with the Soviet Union after World War II.
d) All of the above

How did the Korean War end?
a) President-elect Eisenhower told Chinese and North Korea he would use atomic weapons.
b) On July 27, 1953, the two sides signed a cease-fire that ended the war
c) The countries split on the 38th paralell, and U.S. troops are still stationed there.
d) All of the above

How did the Korean War affect the 1952 presidential election?
a) It was a major part of why President Truman did not seek re-election
b) The Republican vice presidential candidate, Richard Nixon, was a strong anti-communist
c) The Republican presidential candidate, Eisenhower, promised to end the Korean War.
d) All of the above

Taft-Hartly Act
a) Law that required suspected communist organizations to register with the federal government and that gave the government the
b) Refusing to hire a person; common action toward suspected Communists during 1950’s
c) Law that gave federal govt. greater authority to end strikes, required union leaders to take an oath stating that they were n
d) Series of reform programs proposed by President Harry S. Truman

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