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That man was so ________________ because he always wanted to fight.
a) antagonistic
b) nocturnal
c) muttered
d) ingrate

________________ are rare foods, but a lot of people think they are disgusting.
a) ingrates
b) hovels
c) delicacies
d) grafts

I wouldn\'t want to live in a ___________ because it would be cramped and dirty.
a) bellow
b) hovel
c) ingrate
d) graft

I was so __________________ when we lost the championship game.
a) muttered
b) floundering
c) incongrous
d) disheartened

It is not nice when someone acts like an ___________ when you give them a present.
a) incongrous
b) hovel
c) ingrate
d) antagonistic

The student was _____________ so no one could hear what he was saying.
a) muttering
b) grafting
c) bellowing
d) fixating

My father got very angry and _____________ at me that I had to clean my room.
a) bellowed
b) ingrated
c) grafted
d) muttered

______________ animals can usually see better at night than humans.
a) ingrate
b) nocturnal
c) antagonistic
d) fixated

I was so _____________ on the television that I didn't even hear the phone ring.
a) fixated
b) floundered
c) antagonized
d) disheartened

The police man accepted a bribe, but eventually he was caught with the __________.
a) flounder
b) ingrate
c) hovel
d) graft

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