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Which character is interested in psychology?
a) John
b) Mr. Pignati
c) Lorraine
d) Mrs. Jensen

Who are the two narrators of this story?
a) The Pigman and John
b) John and Lorraine
c) Norton and the Pigman
d) Lorraine and Conchetta

What happened on the night of John and Lorraine's candlelight spaghetti dinner?
a) John and Lorraine kissed
b) Mr. Pignati died
c) Bobo died
d) John and Lorraine wouldn't talk to each other

Where did Mr. Pignati die?
a) The zoo
b) The hospital
c) His house
d) John's house

What does Lorraine think about Miss Reillen?
a) She's annoying and yells at everyone
b) She's a good librarian and helps her find books
c) She's a nice lady and she wishes she could be around her more
d) She has a miserable life and she feels sorry for her

John accuses who of putting glue in the phone lock?
a) His brother, Kenny
b) His dead Aunt Ahra
c) Lorraine
d) Norton

What caused John and Lorraine's party to go from crazy to out of control?
a) Lorraine's roller skating
b) Helen wearing Conchetta's dress
c) Jack Brahm demanding to see Janice
d) Norton showing up

Who broke Mr. Pignati's pigs?
a) Norton
b) Dennis
c) Janice
d) John

John drinks beer now because...
a) His friends got him into it
b) He likes to impress girls with it
c) His dad gave him beer when he was young
d) Norton Kelly makes him drink beer

What happened to Lorraine's father?
a) He lives in another state
b) He left and then died
c) He has a new wife
d) He's still with Lorraine's mom

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