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Which of the following is the command to create a table?
a) Insert Table
b) Table
c) Table/Create
d) Table/New

What function do you use to combine two or more cells?
a) Split Cells
b) Eliminate border
c) Distribute Evenly
d) Merge Cells

How do you insert/Delete a column?
a) Click on Insert/Delete Row on Tables and Borders Toolbar
b) Select a column or row and click delete key
c) Select a column/row, right click, insert/delete row
d) Go to Insert Menu, select Row/Column

How do you center the entire table on a page?
a) Highlight the rows and click on center
b) Select Center Alignment
c) Go to File Menu, Page Set up, Center
d) Select the table by clicking on small box, click on center alignment

What function do you use to make all the row's height the same?
a) Distribute Rows Evenly
b) Click on row height from Tables and Borders Toolbar
c) Distributre columns evenly
d) Auto fit contents of rows

How do you change the line spacing for your table?
a) Select Line spacing from the formatting menu
b) Select entire table, click on line spacing, select appropriate number
c) Click on Line Spacing on the Standard toolbar
d) Highlight the columns, click on line spacing from Tables & Borders toolbar

You can create a table without displaying any borders at all
a) True
d) False

Generally, text aligns to the left in a cell and numbers align to the right.
a) False
d) True

What happens when you press tab in the last cell of a table?
a) Word moves in the document
b) A new column is automatically added
c) You receive an error message
d) A New row is automatically added.

Which of the following statements regarding Word tables is true?
a) All the columns in a table must be the same width
b) None of the answers
c) Table structure cannot be changed after the table is created
d) the rows and columns intersect to form cells

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