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Which of these is the most important “pull factor” that draws farm families to Mexico City?
a) apartment living
b) communal land
c) economic opportunity
d) spatial inequality

Which group in Mexico City enjoys the highest standard of living?
a) the 'Haves'
b) the 'Have Nots'
c) the middle class
d) the working poor

Which of these is a major effect of rural decline in Mexico?
a) falling crime rates
b) rising living standards
c) increased urbanization
d) decreased spatial inequality

Which of these is a major cause of rural decline in Mexico?
a) crowding and pollution
b) less communal lands
c) rising standard of living
d) poverty and unemployment

As Mexico City has grown, it has seen increases in all of the following except
a) crime rates
b) air pollution
c) average family size
d) poor slum neighborhoods

Immigrants most help to build the U.S. economy by
a) using public services.
b) serving in the military.
c) starting new businesses.
d) learning to speak English.

The movement of large numbers of people to cities is known as
a) emission
b) distortion
c) immigration
d) urbanization

What do geographers call the unequal distribution of wealth and resources in a specific geographic area?
a) economic activity
b) population density
c) relative location
d) spatial inequality

What are payments sent by immigrants to family members in their home country called?
a) consumption
b) economic activity
c) migration streams
d) remittances

Which is the best definition of a brain drain?
a) the loss of skilled workers who move to other countries
b) the loss of war refugees who seek safety in other countries
c) the loss of aging parents who join children in other countries
d) the loss of good students who attend college in other countries

Which of these is not an immediate benefit of recycling?
a) It saves natural resources.
b) It reduces municipal waste.
c) It increases gross national product.
d) It keeps toxic materials out of dumps.

Which term best describes people from other countries who enter the United States to start new lives?
a) consumers
b) emigrants
c) immigrants
d) refugees

All of the following are major push factors that cause people to leave their home countries except
a) hunger
b) poverty
c) violence
d) economic opportunity

Which of the following is not a major pull factor drawing people to the United States?
a) family
b) schools
c) freedom
d) persecution

Which term best describes a country with a high per capita GDP?
a) developed
b) developing
c) rural
d) urban

Which of the following defines members of the global consumer class?
a) They have college educations.
b) They earn at least $7,000 a year.
c) They eat less than 2,700 calories a day.
d) They have computers at work or at home.

Which of these countries leads the world in oil consumption?
a) India
b) China
c) Canada
d) United States

Which term means the total value of goods and services a country produces in a year?
a) consumption
b) per capita income
c) economic activity
d) gross domestic product

What is the main cause of hunger in the world?
a) poverty
b) pollution
c) crop failures
d) food shortages

Which statement is most likely to be true of a developing country?
a) Most adults earn enough money to own cars.
b) Most adults consume more than 3,000 calories a day.
c) Most adults live in rural areas and work in agriculture.
d) Most adults live in cities and work in factories or offices.

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