World War I Question Preview (ID: 40322)

Overview Of WWI.

Disloyalty to one's country is known as
a) war
b) treason
c) allegiance
d) patriotism

To conserve means to
a) prevent loss or waste
b) spend more moeny than you have
c) attack the enemy
d) misuse natural resources

Strong feelings for your country is known as
a) treason
b) vigilance
c) nationalism
d) communism

If an army attacks, it is said to be on the what?
a) defensive
b) neutral side
c) offensive
d) retreat

An explosive devise that travels under water is called a
a) satellite
b) bomb
c) cannon
d) torpedo

Who was the commander of the American Expeditionary Force in WWI?
a) John Pershing
b) Winston Churchill
c) Hoerbert Hoover
d) Woodrow Wilson

Who was the commader of the Allied troops?
a) Ferdinand Foch
b) Dwight Eisenhower
c) Arthur Zimmerman
d) Vladimir Lenin

What country was responsible for assassinating Archduke Ferdinand?
a) Bosnia
b) Austria-Hungary
c) Serbia
d) Germany

Who was the head of the Communist party and signed a peace treaty with Germany?
a) Foch
b) Lenin
c) Stalin
d) Pershing

What countries formed the Triple Alliance?
a) Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
b) Britain, France, and the USA
c) German, France, and Italy
d) Britain, Germany, and Austria-Hungary

Britain, France, and Russia joined together to form
a) the League of Nations
b) the Triple Entente
c) the Triple Alliance
d) the Central Powers

What system did the US use to get soldiers in the army?
a) the volunteer system
b) the national system
c) the draft system
d) the lottery system

Where was the western front?
a) trenches in Belgium and France
b) border between Russia and Poland
c) the area north of Italy
d) northern Africa

What was a U-boat?
a) a US passenger ship
b) a French tugboat
c) a British battleship
d) a German submarine

The Zimmerman telegram was sent from Germany to what country?
a) USA
b) England
c) Mexico
d) France

What was the Lusitania?
a) A passenger ship
b) A cargo ship
c) A troop transport ship
d) A lifeboat

Which of the following countries changed politically during WWI?
a) Germany
b) USA
c) Russia
d) Britain

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