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In traditional Chinese culture, which philosophy had the greatest impact on the development of the social order in China?
a) Taosim
b) Confucianism
c) Shintoism
d) Buddhism

Who held the real power in Japanese feudal society?
a) the Emperor
b) the Samurai
c) the Daimyo
d) the Shogun

What river was home to the earliest Chinese civilization?
a) the Nile river
b) the Huang He (Yellow) River
c) the Niagara River
d) the Yangzi River

What was exchanged for land in feudal Japan?
a) Bitcoin
b) military service
c) gold
d) nothing

Who was Zheng He?
a) An explorer
b) A writer
c) A camel
d) I have no idea

What two regions did the Silk Roads connect?
a) China and Europe
b) China and Australia
c) Europe and Sub-Saharian Africa
d) India and Egypt

Shintoism and animism share a belief in the importance of
a) reincarnation
b) holy books
c) missionaries
d) spirits in nature

Which geographic factor of Korea most directly influenced the spread of Chinese culture to Japan?
a) rivers
b) mountains
c) climate
d) location

How did the Japanese adapt to their environment?
a) terraced farming
b) irrigation
c) building dams
d) building brick homes

a) fd
b) sdf
c) dsf
d) fds

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