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a) a result
b) a method
c) a reason
d) clever tricky

a) a commonly accepted image that is oversimplified, with no individuality taken into account
b) a musical device
c) a desired image
d) a true image

a) economical
b) believing
c) doubting questioning
d) a result

a) lucky
b) loud
c) to make fun of mock
d) smart clever tricky

a) to make fun of to mock
b) to notice
c) to praise
d) to stir up anger or resentment

a) to make longer
b) to cancel or take away
c) to anger
d) to recognize

a) a scolding a formal criticism
b) praise
c) an answer
d) a means to reach a goal

a) to delay
b) to confuse
c) to take away or cancel
d) to anger

a) to disappear
b) to improve
c) to happen again
d) to make fun of

a) believable
b) to make fun of mock
c) nice
d) long enough

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