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All life depends on the availability of usable energy. This energy is released when
a) animal celkls synthesize starch and carbon dioxide
b) cells carry out the process of respiration
c) organisms convert solar energy into the chemical energy found in food molecules
d) respiration occurs in the cells of producers and high-energy molecules enter the atmosphere

Which sequence represents the correct order of processes that result in the formation and development of an embryo?
a) meiosis --> fertilization --> mitosis
b) mitosis --> fertilization --> meiosis
c) fertilization --> meiosis --> mitosis
d) fertilization --> mitosis --> meiosis

Two primary agents of cellular communication are
a) chemicals made by blood cells and simple sugars
b) hormones and carbohydrates
c) enzymes and starches
d) hormones and chemicals made by nerve cells

Damage to which structure will most directly disrupt water balance within a single-celled organism?
a) ribosome
b) cell membrane
c) nucleus
d) chloroplast

The function of most proteins depends primarily on
a) nutritional habits of the organism
b) availability of starch molecules
c) type and order of amino acids
d) environment of the organism

The transfer of genes from parent to their offspring is known as
a) differentiation
b) heredity
c) immunity
d) evolution

When heating liquid materials in laboratory glassware, a student should always
a) wear safety goggles
b) use Benedict's solution
c) stopper the test tube
d) record the temperature of the liquid

Relationships between plant species may most accurately be determined by comparing the
a) habitats in which they live
b) structure of guard cells
c) base sequences of DNA
d) shape of their leaves

Which situation indicates that a disruption of homeostasis has taken place?
a) the presence of hormones that keep the blood sugar level steady
b) the maintenance of a constant body temperature
c) a rapid rise in the number of red blood cells
d) cell division that is involved in normal growth

Which statement describes a role of fungi in an ecosystem?
a) They transfer energy to decaying matter.
b) They release oxygen into the ecosystem.
c) They recycle chemicals from dead organisms.
d) They synthesize organic nutrients from inorganic substances.

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