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Which echinoderm is elongated and can regenerate its internal organs?
a) brittle star
b) sand dollar
c) sea cucumber
d) sea urchin

Which structure lies between the bivum rays?
a) ampullae
b) ring canal
c) madroporite
d) stone canal

Which are the oldest Echinoderms?
a) brittle stars
b) crinoids
c) sea cucumbers
d) sea urchins

What type of body plan do echinoderms have?
a) bilateral symmetry
b) pentaradial symmetry

Which structures are found in the central disk of a sea star?
a) mouth and gonads
b) mouth and stomach
c) digestive glands and gonads
d) digestive glans and stomach

Which echinoderm structures aid in movement, feeding and respiration?
a) antennae
b) gills
c) swimmerets
d) tube feet

What is the correct order for water flow entering a sea star?
a) madroporite, ring canal, stone canal, radial canal, lateral canal, tube feet
b) madroporite, stone canal, ring canal, radial canal, lateral canal, tube feet
c) stone canal, ring canal, radial canal, tube feet, madroporite
d) tube feet, madroporite, ring canal, stone canal, radial canal

Which echinoderm adaptation makes them more advanced than any other invertebrate?
a) endoskeleton
b) exoskeleton
c) pentaradial symmetry
d) tube feet

How many years have Echinoderms existed?
a) 5 million
b) 10 million
c) 100 million
d) 500 million

What does the word echinoderm mean?
a) soft skin
b) furry skin
c) hairy skin
d) spiny skin

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