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Which are crustacean sensory structures for taste, touch and balance?
a) antennules
b) chelipeds
c) eyes
d) maxillae

What does chitin do?
a) Controls molting
b) Forms the endoskeleton
c) Forms the exoskeleton
d) Controls reproduction

Which arthropod is extinct?
a) barnacle
b) horseshoe crab
c) nautiloid
d) trilobite

What do you look at to determine the sex in crabs?
a) carapace shape
b) cheliped shape
c) swimmerets length
d) abdomen shape

Which of the following does not belong based on it's habitat?
a) copepod
b) crab
c) crayfish
d) shrimp

Which is the horseshoe crab most closely related to?
a) blue crab
b) crayfish
c) lobster
d) scorpion

Which appendages are involved with reproduction and movement?
a) antennae
b) maxillae
c) swimmerets
d) walking legs

Which of the following lacks chelipeds?
a) crabs
b) crayfish
c) lobster
d) shrimp

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Arthropods?
a) bilateral symmetry
b) segmentation
c) exoskeleton
d) closed circulatory system

What does the word
a) soft bodies
b) stinging foot
c) spiny skinned
d) jointed foot

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