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wrong or inaccurate
a) Erroneous
b) Ultimatum
c) Incursion
d) Destitute

A demand or threat that is final
a) Ultimatum
b) Destitute
c) Virtue
d) Primacy

New and different
a) Novel
b) Virtue
c) Diligent
d) tome

Condition of being first in time or importance
a) Primacy
b) Placid
c) Perspicacious
d) Aberrant

faithfulness, loyalty
a) Fidelity
b) Virtue
c) Expel
d) Erroneous

help for a problem; solution
a) Recourse
b) Virtue
c) Voluble
d) Dejected

Unpleasant and burdensome
a) Onerous
b) Gratuitous
c) Culprit
d) Intractable

an attack on another’s territory; a raid
a) Incursion
b) Impetuous
c) Gratuitous
d) Emissary

to cause to turn aside or away
a) Deflect
b) Voluble
c) credence
d) Impetus

deviating from a pattern or rule
a) Aberrant
b) Diligent
c) tome
d) Recourse

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