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not able to be understood, nonsensical
a) Incoherent
b) Intractable
c) Erroneous
d) Diligent

to force or strongly persuade, coerce
a) Compel
b) Phenomenon
c) Facile
d) Placid

an act against a holy person or place
a) Sacrilege
b) Emissary
c) Voluble
d) Onerous

A moment of great insight; revelation
a) Epiphany
b) Perspicacious
c) Fidelity
d) Novel

to lead towards some action
a) induce
b) Incursion
c) Destitute
d) credence

An agent sent on a mission
a) Emissary
b) Epitome
c) Impetuous
d) Sacrilege

an assistant who does a variety of jobs
a) factotum
b) Virtue
c) Impetuous
d) Pandemic

a bridge that carries a road or railroad over a valley
a) Viaduct
b) Sycophant
c) Incursion
d) Expel

talkative, given to rapid, abundant speech
a) Voluble
b) Apparition
c) Culprit
d) Erroneous

to respond critically or sarcastically
a) Retort
b) Recourse
c) Revert
d) Indubitable

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