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Which feature on the ocean floor consists of a mountain range winding around much of the planet?
a) seamount
b) mid-ocean ridge
c) volcanic island
d) ocean ridges

Which feature of the ocean floor is the nearly flat region on the deep ocean floor?
a) plain
b) abyssal plain
c) continental plain
d) continental shelf

Wave height increase and wavelength ______ as a wave nears shore.
a) increases
b) doubles
c) decreases
d) doubles

A rush of water that flows rapidly back to sea through a narrow opening is called a
a) longshore drift
b) undertow
c) breaker
d) rip current

Salinity is a measure of which of the following in water?
a) dissolved oxygen
b) dissolved sands
c) dissolved salts
d) dissolved carbon dioxide

The most abundant salt in seawater is ___.
a) magnesium chloride
b) carbon dioxide
c) calcium cabinate
d) sodium chloride

Which of the following areas in the ocean is likely to have the lowest salinity?
a) an area near the cold Northern Pacific Ocean
b) a warm, tropical sea like the Gulf of Mexico
c) the mouth of the Mississippi River
d) deep parts of the Arctic Ocean

What is the most abundant gas in ocean water?
a) carbon dioxide
b) oxygen
c) carbon monoxide
d) sodium chloride

As you go deeper into the ocean
a) temperature increases
b) temperature decreases
c) light increases
d) pressure decreases

What causes tides?
a) Wind blowing across the water's surface.
b) Shifting plates on the ocean floor
c) Variations of salinity in ocean water
d) The interaction of gravity between the Earth, sun, and moon.

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