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Which type of writing is made up by the writer, involves characters and settings, and includes novels and short stories?
a) autobiography
b) fiction
c) articles
d) poems

Which type of writing tells about real people, real places, and real events?
a) poetry
b) songs
c) nonfiction
d) stories

What describes a type or kind of literature (the four main ones are fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama)?
a) Fiction
b) Writers
c) History
d) Genre

Another name for a writer is an
a) human being
b) author
c) doctor
d) journal

The writer of a poem is called a
a) poemest
b) poetry
c) poet
d) poetist

The story of a person's life written by that person is an
a) biography
b) autobiography
c) fictional account
d) story

The story of a person's life written by another person is a
a) autobiography
b) myth
c) biography
d) science article

This type of fictional story is based on events that actually happened or people who actually lived:
a) historical fiction
b) biography
c) science article
d) mythical story

When writing an essay, the first paragraph is typically the
a) conclusion
b) glossary
c) index
d) introduction

When writing an essay, the final paragraph is called the
a) conclusion
b) glossary
c) index
d) introduction

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