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________ are invertebrates that have 2 different body plans - a polyp & a medusa.
a) sponges
b) flatworms
c) roundworms
d) cnidarians

An invertebrate is an animal with
a) a backbone.
b) no backbone.
c) only sexual reproduction.
d) only asexual reproduction.

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a sponge?
a) filters water
b) has stinging cells
c) is a heterotroph
d) is an invertebrate

Cnidarians capture food & defend themselves by
a) using stinging cells
b) using collar cells
c) budding
d) forming a hard skeleton

Cnidarians are all
a) omnivores.
b) herbivores.
c) carnivores.
d) filter feeders.

The immature form of an animal that looks very different from the adult is called a _____.
a) medusa
b) nematocyst
c) spicule
d) larva

The stinging cells that all cnidarians have are called ______.
a) polyps
b) nematocysts
c) buds
d) spikes

Which of the following is NOT a cnidarian?
a) hydra
b) jellyfish
c) coral
d) squid

Sponges belong to the phylum named _______.
a) Annelida
b) Platyhelminthes
c) Porifera
d) Cnidaria

Budding is a form of
a) sexual reproduction
b) asexual reproduction
c) larva
d) movement

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