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An object made by someone in the past is called a(n)
a) artifact
b) fossil
c) archaeology
d) pottery

The study of the remains of past cultures is known as
a) anthropology
b) geography
c) science
d) archaeology

The time before the development of writing is called
a) prehistory
b) history
c) anthropology
d) geography

An area of study that involves the study of artifacts is
a) archaeology
b) fossil hunting
c) cartography
d) anthropology

Stories and legends pased on during prehistory --------
a) oral traditions
b) secondary sources
c) primary sources
d) history

The period of time until about 12,000 years ago when the use of stone tools was widespread ------
a) Old Stone Age
b) New Stone Age
c) Modern Era
d) Middle Ages

The raising of crops and animals for human use is __________________________.
a) agriculture
b) terrace farming
c) cash crop
d) crop rotation

To train plants and animals to be useful to people --------
a) domestication
b) specialization
c) civilization
d) vacation

An extra supply of something
a) surplus
b) profit
c) trade
d) barter

The doing of a particular work --------
a) specialization
b) domesticate
c) surplus
d) bartering

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