Unit 4 IED PLTW Vocabulary Review Question Preview (ID: 40026)

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The action/actions that an item is designed to perform
a) function
b) vector
c) statistics
d) follower

Computer Aided design, the use of a computer to assist in the process of designing a part, circuit, building, etc
a) CAD
b) CAM
c) CIM
d) IED

A measure of how far an object has traveled from its starting or ending position
a) displacement
b) distance
c) vector
d) velocity

The change in position of an object from its starting position to its final position
a) displacement
b) vector
c) velocity
d) distance

The rate with respect to time that object changes position, includes direction
a) velocity
b) vector
c) average speed
d) displacement

The rate with respect to time at which an object travels over distance
a) displacement
b) velocity
c) average speed
d) vector

The process of choosing and using appropriate mathematics and statistics to analyze empirical situations, to understand them better and to improve decisions
a) mathematical modeling
b) models
c) statistics
d) functions

A machine part that receives motion from another part.
a) cam
b) follower
c) automata
d) mechanism

Turning around an axis or center point
a) rotation
b) translation
c) following
d) hinges

A rotating or sliding part of a mechanism used especially to transform rotational motion to linear motion or vice versa.
a) follower
b) cam
c) rotation
d) automata

A visual, mathematical, or three dimensional representation in detail of an object or design
a) model
b) automata
c) prototype
d) design

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