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In the United States, most of the major damage expected from a future earthquake is predicted to occur near a
a) divergent plate boundary, only
b) convergent plate boundary, only
c) mid-ocean ridge and a divergent plate boundary
d) transform plate boundary and a hot spot

The folding of rock layers to form a mountaiin was most likely caused by
a) erosion of overlying sediments
b) contact metamorphism
c) the collision of lithospheric plates
d) the extrusion of igneous rock

Which characteristic is most useful in correlating Devonian-age sedimentary bedrock in New York State with Devonian-age sedimentary bedrock in other parts of the world?
a) color
b) index fossils
c) rock types
d) particle size

Which radioactive isotope has a half-life most useful for dating an object about 4500 years old?
a) carbon-14
b) potassium-40
c) uranium-238
d) rubidium-87

Based on the theory of plate tectonics, it is inferred that over the past 250 million years North America has moved toward the
a) northwest
b) southwest
c) southeast
d) northeast

The half life of a radioactive material can
a) never be changed
b) be reduced if pressure increases
c) be reduced if temperature increases
d) be increased if C14 level increased

In rock layers which have not been disturbed, which is typically the oldest layer?
a) bottom
b) top
c) middle
d) soil above the top layer

In order to date a rock sample 4 billion years old a scientist would most likely use this radioactive isotope
a) Uranium-238
b) Carbon-14
c) Beryllium-11
d) Carbon-10

An intrusion into a rock layer is
a) older then then rock layer
b) younger then the rock layer
c) is the exact same age as the rock layer
d) is inversely proportional to the age of the rock layer

The most important tool in your test taking arsenal is your
a) ESRT's
b) table
c) chair
d) hair

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