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Which of the following is an opinion?
a) Some ideas, like having monkeys go into outerspace instead of real astronauts, were silly.
b) The difference between the local time and Cenral time told the pilots how far off course they were.
c) By order from the president, the Senate passed the Truman act in 1982.
d) Margaret presented her project to the board of directors.

Which illustrates cause/effect?
a) The first cell phones were bulky, expensive, and unreliable; they were not very common.
b) Although sending an e-mail may be faster, sending it by regular mail is more personal.
c) The Internet has been an important technological advancement, but it has several problems.
d) If people become too dependent on technology, they may not believe they can survive without it.

Which of the following sentences uses persuasion?
a) Mr. Wilson is very laid back, whereas Mrs. Wilson is rigid and demanding.
b) The healthiest vegetable is a yam, followed by broccoli, asparagus, and carrots.
c) The first indication was smoke from under the hood, followed by a loud bang.
d) The new Blackberry handheld is the latest and most technologically advanced phone on the market.

Which of the following is a fact?
a) Mrs. Ginora gives the hardest tests of all the teachers.
b) The Iphone is definitely the smartest choice if you want to purchase a good phone.
c) Oil spills harm many various forms of marine life each year.
d) Having energy efficient homes is the most important thing we can do for our environment.

The long illness had caused Jonathan to lose weight, giving him a gaunt apprearance. Which of the following is a synonym for "gaunt?"
a) thin
b) plump
c) attractive
d) energetic

Which of the following words is spelled incorrectly?
a) notable
b) ajoining
c) postpone
d) collapse

Mary is hyper-sensitive about her weight. Which is a synonym for hyper?
a) under
b) nonchalant
c) indifferent
d) overly

For the assembly, we will call in the valedictorian and salutatorian, followed by the honor scholars, President\'s list, and Dean\'s list. This sentence exhibits what structure?
a) persuasion
b) procedural
c) cause & effect
d) order of importance

Which of the following words is spelled correctly?
a) predjudice
b) succession
c) changable
d) aproximate

From which detail can the reader infer that the zoo houses animals from many different ecosystems?
a) The elephants in the zoo orginate from Africa and India, where the climate is very warm.
b) In order to protect visitors from the dangers of Amazon wildlife, new fencing was installed.
c) The new exibit in the zoo will feature polar bears, as well as giraffes and zebras.
d) Primates are perhaps the most intelligent forms of life in the zoo.

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