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A removable means of saving and storing files (such as a flash drive)
a) upload
b) GIF
d) Portable Storage Device

The software program that lets you explore the Internet
a) browser
c) spreadsheet
d) GIF

The legal rights to reproduce (copy), publish, and sell something you have created
a) search engine
b) email
c) copyright
d) download

A computer port to which many different peripherals (mouse, camera, etc.) can be connected
a) USB
b) spreadsheet
c) column

The contract between a buyer and a maker of software
a) search engine
b) license agreement
c) browser
d) cell

A document which helps you organize data in rows and columns of cells
a) spreadsheet
b) server
c) portable storage device

Stands for Graphics Interchange Format, a common image format
b) USB
c) GIF
d) DVD

To send data from a users computer to a different computer via the Internet
a) server
b) upload
c) browser
d) copright

A vertical (up/down) line of information
a) row
b) colum
c) cell
d) spreadsheet

A computer or device which provides information or services to computers on a network
a) server
b) license agreement
c) search engine
d) email

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