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Which statement correctly compares seismic P-waves with seismic S-waves?
a) P-waves travel faster than S-waves and pass through Earth's liquid zones.
b) P-waves travel faster than S-waves and do not pass through Earth's liquid zones.
c) P-waves travel slower than S-waves and pass through Earth's liquid zones.
d) P-waves travel slower than S-waves and do not pass through Earth's liquid zones.

The movement of tectonic plates is inferred by many scientists to be driven by
a) tidal motions in the hydrosphere
b) density differences in the troposphere
c) convection currents in the asthenosphere
d) solidification in the lithosphere

The two elements that make up the largest percentage by mass of Earth's crust are oxygen and
a) silicon
b) potassium
c) hydrogen
d) nitrogen

Landscapes with sharp horizontal bedrock structure and steep slopes are classified as
a) mountain regions
b) lowland regions
c) plain regions
d) arid regions

Humid landscapes typically have
a) smooth and rounded slopes
b) steep and round slopes
c) steep and angular slopes
d) smooth and angular slopes

New earth is created at
a) mid-ocean ridges
b) transform zones
c) convergent boundaries
d) subduction zones

Trenches typically occur at
a) subduction zones
b) transform zones
c) mid-ocean ridges
d) divergent boundaries

P waves are faster then
a) S waves
b) Q waves
c) Z waves
d) R waves

You need data from this many seismometer stations in order to find the epicenter of an earthquake
a) 3
b) 1
c) 2
d) 4

The earths magnetic fields has
a) reversed over time
b) remained the same
c) gradually disappeared
d) gradually strengthened

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