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Substances that were once part of a living thing or were made by living things
a) green
b) organic
c) fossils
d) natural

Rock that forms when minerals are dissolved in a solution crystallize (rock salt)
a) crystal rocks
b) gold rocks
c) chemical rocks
d) dissolved rocks

A structure of calcite skeletons build up by coral animals in warm, shallow ocean water.
a) shale
b) calcite
c) shells
d) coral reef

Coral reefs are only found in ___________ water
a) hot
b) warm
c) cold
d) ice

A coral reef is a
a) pretty thing to see
b) limestone
c) underwater
d) sandstone

Metamorphic rocks that have their grains arranged in parallel layers of bands, the bands may split apart
a) non-foliated
b) foliated rocks
c) cracked rocks
d) rough rocks

Metamorphic rocks that have their grains arrranged randomly, they do NOT split into layers
a) non-cracked rocks
b) foliated
c) split rocks
d) non-foliated rocks

Metamorphic rock that is used for roofing, flooring and chalkboards
a) tar
b) wood
c) rubber
d) slate

The statue of Abraham Lincoln at The Lincoln Memorial was carved from
a) glass
b) clay
c) marble
d) ice

A series of processes on Earth's surface and in the crust and mantle that slowly change rocks from one kind to another
a) The Water Table
b) Circle of Life
c) The Rock Cycle
d) The Life Cycle

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