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to assess the damage
a) inspect
b) regret
c) evaluate
d) reject

the maintenance of the building
a) construction
b) upkeep
c) walls
d) blueprint

collateral development
a) parallel
b) essential
c) basic
d) collected

having immunity
a) exposure
b) ignorance
c) a cure
d) protection

to comply with the law
a) act in accord
b) find fault
c) protest against
d) find favor

to expend energy
a) store
b) gain
c) save
d) spend

words of condolence
a) warning
b) approval
c) sympathy
d) joyful

to emerge from the fog
a) come into view
b) move into
c) to escape from
d) become damp

to depreciate the merchandise
a) sell at a profit
b) lower the value
c) raise the price of
d) to extend the credit

to contaminate the water
a) test
b) drink
c) pollute
d) purify

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