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What structure is labeled C
a) Urethra
b) Ureter
c) Bladder
d) Anus

Which of the following organs is not considered part of the excretory system
a) Skin
b) Lungs
c) Kidneys
d) Pancreas

Kidneys are made of microscopic subunits called
a) Microtubules
b) Nephrons
c) Mini-Kidneys
d) Microfiltrators

In what structure in this figure do filtration and reabsorption occur?
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D

What is the correct sequence of the three processes prior to excretion in the structures illustrated in the figure to the right?
a) Reabsorption, filtration, secretion
b) Secretion, filtration, reabsorption
c) Filtration, reabsorption, secretion
d) Secretion, reabsorption, filtration

Filtration that takes place at the glomerulus is entirely determined by:
a) Necessity for survival
b) Whether or not the substance is toxic
c) Size
d) Filtration does not take place at the glomerulus

The production of urine is primary eliminating which type of waste?
a) Fully digested nutrients
b) Undigested nutrients
c) Nitrogenous waste
d) Glucose

The function of the kidneys is to regulate the balance of water and salts and to
a) break down nutrients.
b) remove wastes.
c) absorb nutrients.
d) prevent infection.

What is the function of the ureter?
a) Carries blood into the kidneys for filtration
b) Carries urine from kidneys to the urinary bladder
c) Carries urine from the urinary bladder out of the body
d) Carries urine between kidneys

Urea is the combination of two waste products....what are they?
a) Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide
b) Urea and Carbon Dioxide
c) Urine and Carbon Dioxide
d) Ammonia and Oxygen

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