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6a WHII.[print questions]

The English scientist Sir Isaac Newton is famous for
a) laws of gravity
b) heliocentric theory
c) discovery of blood circulation
d) discovery of the atom

Copernicus,, Kepler, Harvey
a) Reformation
b) Enlightenment
c) Reformation
d) Scientific Revolution

All of the following made discoveries in astronomy EXCEPT -
a) Copernicus
b) Kepler
c) Harvey
d) Galileo

Who discovered the circulation of the blood?
a) Newton
b) Harvey
c) Kepler
d) Copernicus

Which advancement did NOT occur during the Scientific Revolution?
a) Expansion of scientific knowledge
b) Formulation of the scientific method
c) Discovering DNA in humans
d) Emphasis on reason and systematic observation of nature

Who developed the heliocentric theory?
a) Copernius
b) Newton
c) Galileo
d) Harvey

Whose theory stated that the Sun, not the Earth, is the center of the universe?
a) Newton
b) Bacon
c) Copernicus
d) Franklin

During the Scientific Revolution, what did scientists rely upon to make discoveries?
a) Biblical teachings and faith
b) Reason and observation
c) Ancient texts and teachings
d) Guesswork and hypothesis

What tool did Galileo use to prove the Heliocentric Theory?
a) Asciliscope
b) Periscope
c) Telescope
d) Microscope

Who discovered that planets make ellipses (ovals) as they orbit the Sun?
a) William Harvey
b) Newton
c) Galileo
d) Kepler

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