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What does a block element contain?
a) Text and inline elements only
b) Block elements only
c) Block and inline elements only
d) Text, block, and inline elements

Which one is a block element?
a) img
b) h1
c) table
d) b

Which one does an inline element NOT contain?
a) Text
b) Inline elements
c) Block elements
d) It contains all of them.

Which one is an inline element?
a) body
b) em
c) html
d) tr

What is the difference between an inline element vs. a block element?
a) The name
b) Block element can contain other elements
c) Inline has its own line while block is displayed on the current line.
d) There is no difference.

What is an HTML tag?
a) Something that modifies the code.
b) Indicates the browser to interpret the code as a webpage.
c) Indicates the browser what kind of document it is.
d) A hyper text markup language tag.

Why do we need tags?
a) It informs the browser
b) It helps define the code.
c) Makes thing viewable on a phone
d) Tags informs the browser and tags helps define the code

Which answer contains a valid HTML tag?
a) none of these
b) a href
c) title

What is nesting?
a) What birds live in.
b) How codes and elements are spaced on each page
c) Something that tells you exactly where you have to put your code.
d) Splitting up code in different areas.

Why do webdesigners nest code?
a) To know where their code goes.
b) To split up their codes.
c) To make it easier to read, and to easily debug code
d) To be eco-friendly.

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