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What comes second in the foundation of a website?
a) html
b) head
c) body
d) title

Which of these is not part of the foundation of a website?
a) p
b) head
c) html
d) body

Title is a
a) Block level element
b) In level element
c) Block line element
d) In line element

What does the foundation of a website start with?
a) /html
b) title
c) html
d) head

Does xhtml have to include a closing / ?
a) no
b) only when raining
c) yes
d) some times

What words can be capitalized inside the tag/element?
a) none
b) first letter
c) every letter
d) only names

The code in the head section of a website is for
a) The Browser
b) The Webpage
c) The DocType
d) The encoding

When a tag is opened it must all ways be?
a) opened
b) deleted
c) closed
d) linked

Why do you nest your code?
a) You don't like the code to be easy to read or understand
b) To make it easy to read and edit
c) Debugging is your life

What does HTML stand for?
a) Hyper Text Markup Language
b) High Texted Make up Language
c) Hyper Text Mansouri Laughs
d) High Text Markup Language

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