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What does FTP stand for?
a) Files that protect
b) Folder text paths
c) Folder transfer protocol
d) File transfer protocol

What is HTML?
a) Hyper text markup language
b) hypertab markup language
c) How to make lists
d) Hand targeting meta languag

Which of these statements is true about XHTML?
a) XHTML works better without some quotes around attributes
b) XHTML lets you omit values
c) XHTML requires every closing tag
d) The doctype is not required

Which of the following is not a GUI editor
a) Dreamweaver
b) Powerpoint
c) Notepad
d) Microsoft Word

What does debugging do?
a) Gets hackers out of your website
b) Putting hidden things in the website
c) Finds and deletes viruses
d) Ways to find and fix problems in the code

What does DNS actually do?
a) Bookmarks your favorite sites
b) Translates domain names into IP addresses
c) Lets you connect and interact with other computers
d) It lets user be more interactive with you site

Which of these is not true about WYSIWYG?
a) It lets you code your website more efficiently
b) It stands for WHAT You See Is What You Get
c) While coding the website, you can see what it will look like
d) It lets you skip steps in the coding process

What does a site map do?
a) It is a map on the page that shows the whole website
b) It is in the URL that tells the browser what to do
c) It links all of the important sections of your site for the browser
d) It is code that lets the programmer know where to go

Which of css code samples is correct ?
a) h1{color:red;}
b) h1:red;color;
c) {color:red;}H1
d) {red:color;}H1

What is JPEG (.jpg)?
a) A way to link things to your website
b) A format for photographic images
c) A server format
d) A format that is best for graphics

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